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Mar 21, 2008

The truth behind Pak Lah's suprizing Cabinet


In the Face of Pak Lah's new line-up cabinet,traces of Khairy Jamalludin's influence already can be seen from there with several unhappy senior minister's being dropped in return for new faces that honestly we can't even see proof of their achievement.It make's it easy for Khairy to proceed with his personal agenda of greed and power in UMNO although with denial from the PM.Pak Lah must know for some reason's of Barisan's intruiging defeat is because of Khairy's recognized influence and non-calibre candidates imposed by him.It shows him of Malays as forgetful of UMNO sacrifices for them especially the youth crop of which he regarded as free thinking people that don't think of the consequences.In the curent new cabinet analysis there has been old faces resurrected like tan sri muhammad muhammad taib like him even though he is surrounded by enemies around him.Simple thinking this is a worthy strategy by pak lah to have some old faces around but he isn't quite calibre for our nation is he?We will judge in the end
After receiving suggestions of Khairy's influence on the not-expected defeat,
Pak lah turned premier strategist to

  • to duck Khairy from Cabinet and prime positions in UMNO or administration reserved for old faces
  • let lurk politics propaganda that khairy is nearly finished in pro-government media
  • let Mukhriz Mahathir off the hook regarding his letter with no disicpline action
This is to show of no existence Khairy's influence in the party or goverment in additon to
least popular ministers like Rafidah Aziz and Radzi Sheikh Ahmad DROPPED.

  • Pak LaH'S LOYAL ALLIES in Noh Omar given minister status for preparation for the upcoming UMNO grand
  • Other trustworthy allies like Shabery Cheek given staus in the government to get their support??
  • Other people not sure of their loyalty dropped, like Tengku Adnan and Jamaluddin Jarjis been also dropped, even though they have a good track record.
  • Vocal Umno Leaders like Shahrir Samad and Zaid Ibrahim issued with new positions to get they MOUTH SHUT
  • Last pawn of the game is Muhamad Muhamad Taib as guarenteed loyalty to Pak Lah as returns to power from a long rest in politics with a not convincing track record that can be debated.
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