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Mar 21, 2008


"I was told at 9am on the day of the announcement that he would not be including me in the cabinet.

"I asked him why and he said it was because he wanted new faces. I accepted it because I have already served for so long and the time for retirement has arrived."

FAREWELL TO THE IRON LADY: A tearful Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz saying her goodbyes to International Trade and Industry Ministry staff. Read what she has to say here. — Picture by GHAZALI BUJANG


Anonymous said...

although she had dozens of "black" incident...but for me she is one of the best minister in MITI..she knows what she's doing when in international field. btw..goodbye dato' seri.best of luck!

Kuda Lempoyang said...

I hate Kak Pidah only on Ap and her strength to take charge the BPR on menantu issue. The rest, she is the tough negotiator, not so bad. Lot other mentris during mahafiraun time also tough but now gone case already, not align with paklah...if you are weak then you align with paklah

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