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Mar 19, 2008

Zakaria death


Found this on malaysia-today.net under the heading "Najib Must Step Forward Now", a reader's comment

Wonder how far true this is, but at least an interesting read .........
A bird have made known that Zakaria Mat Deros (thanks to his palace in Klang) was actually in the meeting with UMNO big wigs at their HQ till very late at night. It is no secret that he has an army of Tiga Line, Rempit, Rela and other no good samseng. Those Big Wigs in the room includes Muhammedx2, Pak Tak perLah, Khairy, Najis, Hisapmuddin, Zam, Megat, Toyol…etc.

It was known that UMNO were plotting to try to create chaos in Klang and thereby foil the coalition state dream, MB issues in Selangor as well as Perak using racial tactics much like May 13. It is no secret that they wanted Zakaria to do the dirty job, being on the take and having been let of from ACA. Its pay back time on his part. Problem started when the UMNO leaders wanted to shed blood…i.e Kill/Murder much like May 13. Strangely, it was Zakaria who decline to do it and one can imagine the Tirade that they heaped against him when he said NO.

It was said they verbally insulted him to the Nth degree, calling him "pengkianat", "derharka" to UMNO greater cause. In the middle of this heated personal attack on him, he suddenly slump to the floor. It was said that it was only after 15 minutes that they called the ambulance to render some help. Meanwhile no one bother to attend to him.

In the mean time those UMNO big wigs were just planning more on how to cover up his death inside the UMNO building. As usual, they have the resources and contact to get the ambulance, pick him up and send to his home. His wife, children, relative were of course oblivious to the circumstances and as his body was carried to his room. He was pronounce dead 15 minutes later. Mind you he is already dead but it was only later in the afternoon that they allow the media in on to his Mysterious Death. It is correct that he died of Heart Attack, but he did not die at home. He died as a result of those verbal abuses he experience from some of the UMNO leaders.

News reported he died at 2.30 am in his house. One needs to ask if one suffer Heart Attack would you call a GP doctor to attend to him or send him to UH or Subang Medical center? In this case Ambulance came to his house with body, then Doctor arrive, then declare person dead. Go figure this out UMNO cyber tropper and spin it if you can. People in Klang are also wondering why ambulance brings body to home and not to Hospital.

No doubt this was leak in order to undermine Pak TakperLah and Khairy or frustrate their quest. Immediately after this happen, things have quieten down at UMNO building and all have been ask to conduct business as usual. UMNO is currently in DISARRAY and many people too have aspiration to get the top job too!!....


Anonymous said...

Our craetor have a full right to give a life or dead for every humankind.
..it is believe that it is the best for Malaysian if "The Monkey" and "Saya PM" abolished from Malaysia and dunia,get RIP them!

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