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Apr 22, 2008

50,000 without birth certificates

NST - The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) estimates that 50,000 Malaysians are without birth certificates.
And the commission is on a mission to ensure these children and adults obtain the right to own this document.

Suhakam vice-chairman Tan Sri Simon Sipaun said discussions were being held with the National Registration Department (NRD) to look into the matter.

On Suhakam's part, it will hold briefings to explain the importance of owning a birth certificate.

Sipaun said those without birth certificates ended up that way due to poverty and lack of awareness.
"In Sabah, the main reason for this is the distance between the people and towns. These people live in remote areas and many of the children's parents are uneducated," he said.

Taking himself as an example, the 70-year-old said he only applied for a birth certificate just before furthering his studies in New Zealand. more...


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