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Apr 22, 2008

Um...no youth

malaysianinsider - Let's face it. Since Umno Baru was founded in 1988 - let's not kid ourselves that it is the same party from 1946 - there has not been a vote for the top two party posts. It's a succession by patronage.

In other words, it's feudal. Not something that we need in today's hyper-competitive world.

My point is that the 30 per cent quota for nominations in the Umno election rules is hampering talent from rising to the top. It allows them to move up to a point before party warlords decide which horse to back and leaving the rest trailing in the dust. Not necessarily the best go up but probably only the popular.

In the DAP, those voted into the central working committee divide the posts among themselves. In PAS, those vying for leadership need to get the nod from the Shura before contesting. Both systems are not democratic. more...


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