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Apr 22, 2008

PKR newspaper no longer restricted to members

Star - Suara Keadilan is just one step away from getting its publishing permit and it comes with a bonus. The paper is no longer restricted to being circulated among members.

PKR information chief Tian Chua said conditions of the permit did not stipulate that the newspaper could only be sold or circulated among members only.

"I believe this means that we can actually circulate or sell the newspaper to the masses and we are pleased with the improvement. Of course, there are plans to expand the paper, not only in terms of its circulation, but also its pages.

"I have been told by Home Ministry's officials that the permit for Suara Keadilan will be processed and we should be getting it in a few days' time, Wednesday the earliest.

"We hope to recruit experienced and professional individuals in the industry to help beef up the paper, to make Suara Keadilan a more effective medium for information," he told reporters when at the ministry after paying the RM500 fee for the annual permit. more...


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