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Apr 22, 2008

Beehoon price up 15%

http://www.wingyipstore.co.uk/pictures/content1409/bee+hoon.jpgsun2surf - The price of beehoon, or rice noodles, has gone up by 15% or 40 sen a packet for both the 1kg (big) and family size (small) pack, Chinese press reported today.

Citing a shortage of broken rice, the raw ingredient for rice noodles, Beehoon Maunufacturers Association of Malaysia said the price increase, the third in two months, was effective today.

The price went up by 10% and 15% in the last two occasions. The association said given the acute shortage of broken rice, which can only be overcome by August when all padi is harvested, more price hikes for rice noodles can be expected in the next three months.

It has appealed to the government to temporarily lift the control on the import of white rice as a short-term measure to overcome the rice shortage.

Currently, Bernas is the sole licensed rice importer.


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