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Apr 28, 2008

Balkis went a-shopping around the world

malaysianpolitics - While their husbands went on lawatan sambil belajar, the wives were not to be outdone. Shopping trips, overseas junkets and lavish functions have been the hallmark of activities of Balkis – Association of Wives of State Assemblymen and Members of Parliament in Selangor.

Nothing wrong with the junkets, except that their excesses were paid for by the state government and private donors, who contributed money in the belief that it was
going to good causes. Attempts to get an insight into its operations have come to naught – newly-appointed state executive councillors Teresa Kok and Elizabeth Wong who had gone to
the Balkis secretariat to seek information and collect files were refused entry. Staff had been
“instructed” not to allow access to the office.

While Balkis has done its bit for the less fortunate – its most visible contribution being the setting up of Kompleks Wawasan Balkis (KWB) its RM5 million secretariat which doubles as a women’s shelter in Shah Alam – some of its programmes raise the question if Balkis’ philanthropy is a façade for a group of VIPs to enjoy themselves at the expense of generous donors who included state government subsidiaries.more...


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