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Apr 16, 2008

COMPLETE: S'gor gov't reveals photos


The Selangor state government today released photographs to prove that its Barisan Nasional predecessor had looked into the possibility of setting up a centralised pig farming project in Kuala Langat.

State exco member Yaakob Sapari released the photograph which depicts Selangor Umno leader and Tanjung Sepat state assemblyperson Dr Karim Mansor posing next to a pig-pen with a thumbs-up sign while in Germany.

Yaakob said that he hoped the photograph would put to rest claims by Umno members that they had been against the project.

"We hope that he would stop politicising the matter from now on," said Yaakob, after chairing a briefing on the project of Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Karim and former menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo were among the staunchest critics of the project which the present state government had claimed was approved by its predecessor.

Following revelations from a MCA politician, Karim admitted that he was involved in a study tour to several countries including Germany to study modern pig-farming systems.

Previously, Karim had told Utusan Malaysia on April 7 that the project would cause problems because the Malay-Muslim majority district of Kuala Langat will look like a pig-farming district.

Not state financed

Meanwhile, Yaakob also gave a detailed briefing to reporters on the project which is expected to be completed in two years.

Contrary to previous reports, Yaakob said the state government would not be financing the project as it is being handled by a private entity jointly owned by Kuala Langat Pig Farmers Association and a yet-to-be named company.

Yaakob said the company - which would be investing RM360 million into the project - would be named at a later date. Under the project, pig-farmers would be investing RM125 million.

He assured that the new pig-farm would not cause water or air pollution as it is a closed facility with air conditioning.

"The place would be clean. We won’t have to worry about flies or perform fogging (to kill mosquitoes)... this makes it easier for us to control (pig farming related) diseases," he added.

Waste products from the farm would be channeled into a bio-fuel generator which would be used to provide energy to run the farm.

Convincing locals

On objections by the Malay community in Kuala Langat, Yaakob assured that the new centralised pig-farm would be located further away from their villages than present farms.

He also assured that the project only involved non-Malays in the areas of land ownership and that the amount of pigs allowed to be reared would be capped at 250,000.

"I’m sure that we will be able to convince the locals that the new system would be better than maintaining status quo," he said.

The Ladang Tumbuk area in Kuala Langat is the focal point for pig-farming activities which locals have been complaining about for many years.

Land from existing pig-farms in the Ladang Tumbuk area would be acquired for the 337 acre project. Yaakob added that pig farmers who have to relocate to Ladang Tumbuk would be compensated.


Anonymous said...

Dr Karim Mansor Melayu BABI yang kecewa.. Biasa la..sumber rezeki dia dah terlepas..kalau tak banyak komisyen dia tu..

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