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Apr 16, 2008

Modern pig farm will have 800m buffer

Sun2surf - The Selangor Government has assured the people that the RM340 million modern pig farming facility in Ladang Tumbuk in Kuala Langat, Selangor, will not pose an environmental problem as it will have an 800-meter buffer from the nearest village.

Obviously addressing concerns by some villagers over the project, which he said was being politicised, State executive councillor Yaakob Sapari told reporters that Ladang Tumbuk is the most suitable location for the project because:

> It is the most polluted and largest pig farming area in the state;
> The land is owned by local pig farmers;
> The land situated at the downstream of the state, where the water source is not tapped for consumption;
> The place is a predominantly Chinese area.

He said the state government will not spend a sen on the project as the cost will be entirely borne by the pig farmers and private investors.|

Giving a breakdown, he said land acqusition of 337 acres will cost RM40 million; the construction of biogas container RM100 million; construction of enclosed farm RM150 million and technology transfer (from Germany) RM50 million.

Speaking to reporters after a briefing for Pakatan Rakyat state assemblymen yesterday, Yaakob said the state will only allow the rearing of 250,000 pigs in the modern pig farm for consumption by Selangorians only as there are 1,366,000 Chinese in the state.

He said farmers will be charged a levy of RM45 for every pig slaughtered in the facility. Of the amount, 30% will go to the pig farmer investors and 70% will go to the company that runs the farm.

He said there are 132 pig farms in the state now, with 257,521 pigs valued at RM125 million.

Yaakob warned Tanjung Sepat (Umno) assemblyman Datuk Dr Abdul Karim Mansor, who he said had initially agreed to the project and is now against it, not to politicise the issue.

"We have photos showing that he visited modern pig farms in Germany and Holland and (showing) his thumb-up and if he continues to do so, we will release more of these photos," he said.

To a question, Yaakob said the project will take about a year to complete and all pig farmers in the area have agreed on the relocation.

He however declined to say who the investor is.


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