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Apr 6, 2008

Conflict of interest alleged over police choppers

(...) 'Musa Hassan had addressed the Letter of Intent and Letter of Award directly to the prime minister when he was supposed to have addressed it to the chief secretary of the government,' noted Teresa.

According to her, the procedure for a business transaction involving the Internal Security Ministry - under which the police force is under - is for it to first write a Letter of Intent to the chief secretary.

The latter will send the Letter of Intent to the finance minister and only after approval by the finance minister can the Internal Security Ministry begin to announce the tender.

No answers

Kok, member of parliament for Seputeh, said Musa bypassed this procedure and had asked Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to directly issue a Letter of Award handing over the tender to Othman's company.

She also said she had requested answers from the Deputy Internal Security Minister Foo Ah Kiow during Parliament's sitting in December last year but has yet to receive any explanation regarding the discrepancies.

'I questioned whether a conflict of interest is implied when a member of the SPP who is listed as a director of the company is currently in business talk with the police?'

During the last Parliament sitting, Kok had also demanded explanations as to why there was a need for the police to rent 31 helicopters when they had only asked for eight under the Ninth Malaysian Plan. more...


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