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Apr 6, 2008

ISA detainee in hospital after fall

KLANG: ISA detainee V. Ganabatirau, 34, is in the Taiping district hospital after falling and injuring his hands and neck.

His wife, teacher V. Buvaneswary, 32, said her husband fell after he became dizzy on Friday.

“They found his blood pressure was high after admission and the full medical report on his condition will be ready on Monday,” said Buvaneswary who visited Ganabatirau in the hospital with about 15 relatives Saturday.

According to Buvaneswary, her husband had been very stressed due to allegations that he and other Hindraf leaders were linked to terrorists.

“He never had a history of blood pressure and I believe that he became ill because he was not able to take those allegations any more,” said Buvaneswary.

She said that she and her relatives were also upset to see Ganabatirau handcuffed to his bed with six police personnel standing watch over him.

“It was a little too much for us, too,” said Buvaneswary.


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