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Apr 6, 2008


Dear HINDRAF supporters.

Mr.P.Uthayakumar had this message to convey to all HINDRAF supporters on the 100th day of ISA arrest and detention. The message was relayed to a close family member and I had prepared his message in a written form to reflect what he himself would have written had he be given the chance.

P.Waytha Moorthy

Message from P.Uthayakumar

100 days under ISA Detention – P.Uthayakumar Hindraf

Today is the 100th day of my arrest and detention under the ISA at Kamunting Prison, Taiping (Kemta).

I woke up early in the morning and only got to see the moon at 7am when the lock up doors were open. We are locked up about for 15 hours a day from 7pm to 7am and from 11.30am to about 2.30pm.

My spirits are manageable thus far. I have never regretted that my struggle has caused me my freedom and being locked up in prison. This is my contribution to the Malaysian Indian struggle which has been cheated by the Government for 50 years. We have remained a permanently colonized community without realizing it all these while. Now that every Malaysian Indian realises this and are willing to struggle for their “freedom” against the oppression of Malaysian Government we have no choise but to continue with the struggle. I am proud to belong to a generation who woke up against the injustices committed by the state.

The biggest satisfaction after being locked up is to see the BN being denied their two thirds majority and 5 states plus F.T. falling out of the hands of the BN. The UMNO leader who demolished the largestnumber of Hindu Temples ruthlessly, Khir Toyo was punished and so were the other UMNO leaders in their states.

I am regularly informed about HINDRAF’s Makkal Sakthi wave and spirit and people praying for us. People getting arrested and beaten up, fighting for our freedom. I offer my prayers to them and their families . I hear of the hundreds of prayer meetings at temples and other gatherings for us. Please continue fighting. We never stood up for our rights over the last 50 years.

Now that we have started, we shall not stop fighting against all forms of racism and religious extremism, equality and equal opportunities for all, especially for the Malaysian Indians.

It doesn’t matter how long the Government decides to lock me up but the most crucial point is we must fight and demand for our rights. 50 years of injustices are enough. Lets do it for our future generations.

The struggle goes on.

Kamunting Prison
Taiping (Kemta)


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