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Apr 18, 2008

Siti Nur Azreen has Returned


Husam then used his Kijang Care to form a team of four people including Alex who is with Migrant Care, which got vast networking in Indonesia and sent them to Lombok in search of Siti Nur Azreen. Husam reported the journey in his personal blog, Cetusan Hati.

“She is 13 years old, the post-traumatic period will be difficult for her. Please respect her privacy, that is what is best for her”, Husam appealed to the press.

In the press conference held at LCCT, Husam lashed out at the Malaysian Police which despite all the networking and intelligence machinery, yet failed to utilise it for the right purposes and in this case, solving the missing person case.

Husam also is very upset with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Malaysia for not making it easy for them to bring back Azreen. more...


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