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May 15, 2008

SARAWAK: Illegal land transfers probed

malaysiatoday - THE Land Development Ministry, with the help of the state attorney-general, is investigating the illegal transfers of four lots of native land from Iban farmers to non-natives in Meradong Land Scheme B in Sarikei Division, its Minister Datuk Seri Dr James Masing said.
The titles to the four lots were issued to Ugon Rimau, Simba Dinggon, Ajai Baka and Imah @ Jembat Inggam, who are participants in the rubber planting scheme of the Sara-wak Land Development Board (SLDB).

The lots were illegally transferred to Chiew Yi Hin, Hong Nyuk Yip, Chew Sui Wui and Chan Poh Fung respectively.

Masing said: "The transfers of the land titles were discovered by the SLDB management to be fraudulent.

"A police report was lodged by the management against a former officer who had authorised the transfers.

"Unfortunately, the officer died on Dec 29, 2001."

Masing said the scheme was meant to resettle Ibans from the borders and landless Ibans.

He said the Ibans' eligibility to the land had not been revoked or challenged.

"From the names, it is obvious that the new owners are not natives >> selanjutnya


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