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Jun 12, 2008

Former assistant to minister charged with graft

thestar - A former personal assistant to a minister was charged with corrupt practices for demanding favours from a company director who applied for a bus permit.

Eswadi Abd Rahim, who is also a former Mara officer, pleaded not guilty when he was brought to the Sessions Court here on Thursday to face two charges of graft.

The former Mara officer, who was later seconded to take up the post of personal assistant to Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz when he was Entrepreneur Development Minister, was believed to have committed the offences some time in December 2002 and on Jan 17, 2003.

The 36-year-old Eswadi, of Putrajaya, was said to have asked Chin Ah Lek to include Eswadi's father Abdul Rahim Ismail as a director of Syarikat Azamat Sdn Bhd as an inducement to help Chin obtain a bus permit.... selanjutnya.


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