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Jul 4, 2008

A WARNING for the PM - a BAD Idea to Bring In the Troops

malaysiawatch3 | Public protests in Malaysia have usually been peaceful untill the police turn it into a chaotic situation when they disperse the crowd with water cannon, tear gas and other bully tactics.

For example we have seen the Bersih marches and even Hindraf rallies were not violent events untill the police unleashed their weapons of mass terror. Ironically all the equipment is paid for by the very people who are demonstrating.

It would be more statemanlike for our top politicians to allow the ordinary folks to vent their frustration at a peaceful rally rather than try to prevent it.

I find the suggestion by the IGP in poor taste as he seems lost in trying to handle the protest to be held on 6th July.
Opposition to his remarks were carried in this malaysiakini article:
"Soldiers told to stay in the barracks"

If the PM is not careful, those soldiers may decide to take control of the whole... selanjutnya.


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