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Jul 4, 2008

How to sodomise a man?

mysingaporenews | Very simple. Ask the guy to go with you to a condominium. Then ask him to remove his pants and bend down. Then he is all yours. That could possibly be what had happened to the case of Saiful Bukhari Azlan when he claimed to be sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim. And according to TOM, he was with Anwar on many trips overseas.

The question that is puzzling me is that a man, a healthy young man, would not protest and allow himself to be sodomised. A woman would fight when she is being raped or has sex forced upon her. This young man was so obedient, no resistance. And after some time decided to report to the police about the incident.... selanjutnya.


Anonymous said...

That's what happen when you worship a man. Whatever he does, however wrong is right. Whatever wrong he asks you to do, you follow without complain. If he is accused of doing anything wrong, though with proofs and evidences, you deny. Nothing strange about it. Even if he does it in the open and in front of the public, his supporters will deny, saying -- hey, that's not real, that's magic.

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