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Feb 20, 2008

Malay say NO to Indian candidates


BIG ISSUE: A 'secret meeting' of senior editors from the mainstream media a few days ago was said to have concluded that come the 12th General Election on March 8, Malay voters will not vote for Indian candidates, regardless of whether they are from the BN or the Opposition.

It was understood that the secret meeting was convened to get the senior editors to assess the strength of the political parties in the GE.

The editors' findings were later given to the PM to help him draw up strategies to face the Opposition.

MSM senior editors have at their disposal a wide intelligence network in the form of their newspapers' journalists and other contacts on the ground. They are therefore armed with information to make assessments. These editors are also empowered to 'spin' news to help ensure that the BN wins the election.

The meeting with the editors, said to be held in Putrajaya last week, heard that several actions taken by the Indians, including the Hindraf-sponsored assemblies and demands, have angered the Malays.

The editors agreed that this is so and said that they have alerted the relevant authorities to take action. The 'secret meeting' involving the editors believed that as a result the Malay voters might spoil their votes and not vote for any candidate that represents the Indian community.

The meeting discussed the use of money to bribe the Malay voters but the consensus was that based on the current Malay sentiments this will not change their resolve not to vote even for BN Indian candidates.

One senior editor told me after the meeting: "All BLACK candidates won't have a chance this time around. The Malays are rejecting them."


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