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Feb 20, 2008



Launching a book and compact disc Dr Rais Yatim decided to pick on Bloggers although he declared it is not the our culture to do this. So what made you decide to bash bloggers. None of us blogged about you except to say that both your e-Village and Movie village before they could take off, collapsed. Yes we even expressed disappointment that you did not accept to contest the post of Secretary General of the Commonwealth.

This is what the press reported: "bloggers should evaluate themselves before indulging in an unhealthy culture of bashing others including government leaders, on their blogsites."

He said although government bashing in the blogsites was among the challenges faced by the Barisan Nasional (BN) in facing the general election, it was not the nature of BN leaders to resort to using blogsites to attack others in their campaigns to win the elections.

I for one, have a lot of respect for you as a senior cabinet minister. I have never featured you in my blog and it is sad that when I have to do it, this first time, I have to bash you, short of putting you into my Fart Chambers,of which the majority inmates have been your government colleagues, mostly males and just two females. I was tempted to, but your pluses outweighed this one minus....so you do not qualify.........yet. However, rules and policies can change to accommodate pressing situations. more...


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