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Feb 16, 2008

Sleeping PM...睡觉首相


Hi Mr. PM, you are the one who representing Malaysian in the world stage you know? You are the one who leading us to move forward you know? But why you do nothing for the last 5 years? You said you want to catch the corrupted people, but it just has some show on the beginning of your administration. After the 1 or 2 cases, nothing going on already! You stop the mega project said wanted to save money for our country and don't want to give economy pressure to people, but you rose the oil price, toll fees, and even kelapa sawit also can't supply to people. What the fake promise you have made? This all tipu, tipu, and tipu! I am glad while you became our PM in that time, I have been putted a high expectation on you, but you can do nothing for Malaysia, just sleeping! How shame we are to elect a sleeping PM for Malaysia.

睡觉首相,上任时说多么有理想的对付贪污,只是那么一两个案子就没后续,而且还判不入罪!雪兰鹅市议员非法新建百万豪宅,你没行动?他被反贪局控告十多条商业罪,最后却完全撤消。停止大型说是减少人民负担,你却起汽油的价,大道过路费?四年了,你究竟做了些什么呢?身为人民的我们是有权力批评你,因为你是人民选出来的,是为人民服务的,你的薪水福利全都是人民的血汗钱!请别再公开说:"Aku pantang dicabar!" Rakyat ada kuasa mencabar siapa-siapa menteri yang diundi oleh rakyat, dibayar oleh duit rakyat dan dihormat oleh rakyat. Selepas dapat kuasa semua menteri dalam UMNO, MCA, MIC jadi sombong! Sombong sampai tidak boleh dicabar, walaupun isu yang penting untuk negara dan rakyat.

若你还未睡醒, 那我们就用手上的一票叫醒你吧!


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