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Feb 16, 2008

Guns & Roses: People Arrested; Abdullah’s ‘Big,’ But CLOSED, Ears


update 11.30am
: Some 200 people have been arrested apparently, being held at PULAPOL. For wanting to bring roses to the PM.

I was woken this morning by calls from Hindraf supporters who had come all the way from Penang to attend the Hindraf Valentines Day Gathering.

The police are stopping these buses and as far as I can tell, probably detaining them illegally. I heard that one busload from Penang is being stopped in Selayang and held without reason.

The most simple rights of Malaysians are being eroded bit by bit, just because BN knows they’re fighting a losing battle.

All these people want to do is give some roses to the PM - Mr. ‘Big Ears’ himself. But will he be gracious enough to receive some well-meaning Malaysian children?

Let’s compare some recent advice:

Barisan Nasional leaders must listen to the people, correct their mistakes and overcome their weaknesses, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

The Prime Minister said if these measures were taken, the people would continue to support the ruling government and give the mandate to the coalition to continue to lead the country.

“Please listen to their woes and correct our mistakes. If we succeed in doing so, they (the people) will support us,” he said


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