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Feb 16, 2008

20 Children arrested by our Police for trying to hand Roses to our PM...!!!


It came to our attention that 20 children were among the estimated 250 people arrested this morning for trying to hand Roses to our PM peacefully. These children are now being held at Jabatan Kebajikan Kepong and their parent were told to produce their respective Birth Cerificate despite knowing that they are from outstation.

Seems like again Suhakam gone missing...again and PM failed to impress our call for peaceful gathering to hand him Roses.

My simple mind says...why don't the POLICE use the parent's My Kad and cross reference against the JPN Record. Aren't we know as a nation with high tech I.T capability...??.

FOR THE HOUR TO HOUR UPDATE, CLICK: http://www.roses4pm.blogspot.com/


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