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Mar 12, 2008

Melayu and mamak


my brother-in law sent me this interesting article which appeared in malaysia today, indeed, a true enlightenment on melayu and mamak. i have searched for the article in the web so that i could quote the actual source but could not find it.

kurma is an excellent indian muslim dish. the diference between a kurma and a curry is in the chilli. a curry is reddish because it uses dried red chillies and also dried chilli powder. a kurma does not use dried red chillies or dry chilli powder. instead a kurma is cooked with fresh green chillies. the taste and the colour are therefore different. both are excellent methods for cooking poultry, mutton, beef, duck and even fish.

kimma is of course the kongres indian muslim malaysia, which is the ‘mamak’ version of the kongres india malaysia or malaysian indian congress or mic which itself is a namesake of the congress party of india. the mic was founded by mr john thivy of ipoh in the 1940s as the malaysian chapter of nehru’s congress party of india. More...


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