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Mar 12, 2008

Thank you, Toyo(L)!


FORMER Selangor chief minister Md Khir Toyo (some call him toyol - those little green ghosts who run around at nights sucking people’s toes) - is really a glamour seeker.

First, there’s big scale shredding going on in his former state office. But he denies saying: “It’s not true. I have everything in details. We have been transparent and we have nothing to hide. If we are corrupt, why were we awarded the Sijil Bersih (Corruption Clean Certificate) for two consecutive years?” (Malaysiakini).

Then he says big time “We’ll be watching” - to the new government. Actually, I kinda like that.

Way to go, Toyo! Welcome to the new Opposition.

Truth is, bloggers will be watching ya both - government ka, Opposition ka…right?

I like it when there is constant “check and balance” in high places, especially, when their decisions can affect the lives of others on earth. And I also like it very much if and when the new government can expose all the corruption and wrong doings of the former ones in power.

Please, let there be no impunity here. Expose the coruption and the malpractises. Well, BN, you can do that as well, if you have the evidences.


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