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Mar 12, 2008

Mukhriz Threatened By Pekida Gangsters?


By Little Bird

The end of the BN is nigh. The following is originally from the Press boys.

S-I-L has made gangsterism standard policy in UMNO. Yesterday, Mukhriz Mahathir organised a Press conference of sorts by the Pemuda representing the northern states of Kedah, Penang and Perak. Mukhriz was supposed to announce that they wanted Badawi to resign.

The S-I-L got wind of this little rebellion and sent in the Pekida gangsters. The PC was supposed to be held at some location in the north. First the S-I-L's Tiga Line Pekida goons surrounded the venue. This forced the PC to be rescheduled at another location.

Then they got Hishamuddin to call Mukhriz on the phone and tell him to back off. Whatever Hishamuddin said to Mukhriz apparently worked.

So finally Mukhriz made this wishy-washy statement that the leadership should do what is right, etc. Nothing about telling Badawi to resign. His co-conspirators were surprised and tried egging Mukhriz to go the extra mile. Unfortunately the son has not inherited the father's guts. So the PC became a lame game.

This is what we are going to be seeing in this country over the near future. It has started. Everyone please hold together. Be calm but vigilant.


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