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Mar 12, 2008

Hunter or hunted? Is botoxed Toyo to be the watchdog to BR?


For the botoxed, uncultured Toyo who went through dental school with the minimum of qualifications, glamour and politics rather then dentistry, was more important.

He had no cross-cultural understanding as he had a cloistered upbringing having studied in a Malay school and then brought up in a Malay Hostel. University Malaya’s 80% Malay student make-up ensured that he had little contact with the “pendatangs”. Pocketing taxpayers’ money is something that was second nature to him, tutored well by his mentor, UMNO's vice president Muhammad son of Muhammad.

All those documents right from the Lebar Daun to the PKFZ deals penned for him by Rashid Asari and bankrolled by a bunch of Sarawakian crooks called the Wijaya group, the American Kelang hospital project deal that was shelved because it was deemed “too close” to his buddy, the now disgraced Teh Kim Poo’s palatial home at Palm Grove - the potentially irreversible traffic wreck he created in Klang as a result of the road reserve being sacrificed to cronies to develop while motorists sweated it out in their cars - must be secured before his lackeys shred it.

He had no balls to stand up to the bullying ways of the late Zakaria who saw nothing of blackmailing even Badawi. Neither did he have the gumption to stand up to the business deals of Royalty who insisted their land be developed to expand MPK’s offices. Toyo must be investigated, arrested and convicted and the key thrown away. The evil of stealing tax payers’ money must stop with Toyo and all his kuncu’s incarceration.

Toyo’s modus operandi in developing the state, “There is no money in the kitty. Let’s barter the land and rob the bank and treasury. '70% for you and 30% for me' deals was how the state had its land robbed and priced out. See mom? No money but we are another Singapore…and we are rich too mom? He forgot to add, thanks to the tax payer. This had become the ultimate mantra and incentive to become an MB or YB in the BN and UMNO who deluded themselves that the electorate was dumb yesterday, dumb today and will be forever dumb. So let’s gasak.

In direct contrast, one of Selangor’s most illustrious sons, the controversial Harun Idris. was convicted and thrown into Pudu for a paltry sum of accepting a RM250,000 bribe from HSBC. Toyo and his fellow Javanese/Indonesians carted away much more. Selangor must never again see a lethal race based administration such as that of the UMNO/MIC/MCA/GERAKAN combination. The people have suffered enough and they have let it be known to the world. If you don’t want a repeat of a corruption-laden government, Toyo and his goons must be brought to book. Yes, there must be a witch-hunt and, if necessary, the witches burnt at the stake. Otherwise be prepared for these rascals to ransack the remaining seven states and hand over an empty shell to the PKR DAP PAS coalition five years from now.



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