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May 13, 2008

Prisons officer sues doc, govt for RM2m

sun2surf - A prisons officer today filed a RM2 million suit against a doctor and the government for negligence following the death of her newborn son, allegedly due to a botched ventouse delivery (using vacuum).

Noor Hidayu Hashim, 21, who named medical officer Dr Wan Shahruliza Shaharan, the director of Kajang hospital and the government as respondents, is claiming RM1,850 for special damages, RM500,000 for general damages, RM1 million for exemplary damages, RM500,000 for aggravated damages, cost and other cost deemed fit by the court.

In her writ of claim, Noor Hidayu said she went into labour at 3am on April 4 and was taken to the Kajang hospital by her husband.

At about 9am the same day, Wan Shahruliza examined her and found that her cervical opening had dilated by 3cm.

Noor Hidayu claimed she repeatedly told Wan Shahruliza that she was having stomach pains and that her water bag had burst, but was told by the latter this was a normal occurrence for someone in labour and stressed that the plaintiff and her baby were in good health....selanjutnya [KLIK DI SINI]


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