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Feb 21, 2008

Blogger found proof of phantom postal voters !

via caffeinbar

Well, Malaysia election commission cheating busted by bloggers. The Flaccid Mind caught them red handed .

Mark down this Identification number

750909035727 or A3170255


Go to Malaysia Election commission website , go to the voters checking server and enter the above info.

And to make sure you can’t spot the different, of using infamous Lingam “it look like him, sound like him, is it him?”, Election commission has removed the date of birth (I doubt it is has anything to do to instill voters privacy).

As spotted by Flaccid Mind, this person share the EXACT name, same date of birth and same gender. While the T719756 indicate this person are a some Malaysia Boleh version of postal voters.

So even this person only appear ONCE to cast his vote, finger painted with the indelible ink, his phantom postal votes still find way to other poll center.

In fact, if a neutral IT audits went into Malaysia election commission(SPR) database, it doesn’t take months to find out the phantom voters. A competent database administrator(DBA) can filter out anomaly from the database in hours. And with today ultra speed server, if permitted, the DBA can even dig out all the phantom voters planted since 1957.

And this is not rocket science and Malaysian don’t need to pay millions consultation fees to do this. This kind of data warehouse cleanup is never a difficult task.

That’s why until today, Malaysia EC chairman dare NOT to swear anything (e.g. resigned and face prosecution if audit allowed to carry out on EC database.) on the integrity of the voter data.

Vote the opposition, if you don’t want phantom voter override your fate on this country!


Anonymous said...

Semua anggota tentera kan ada 2 kad pengenalan dengan 2 no. Satu nombor kad pengenalan awam, satu lagi nombor kad pengenalan tentera. Jadinya, mereka gunalah salah satu tu untuk jadikan pengundi hantu di kawasan yg B-END... Kalau tak buat macam tu, B-END dah lama end........

Anonymous said...

saya mengenali ramai ahli tentera Malaysia. Dan ada yang saya tahu nombor2 IC tentera mereka. Dan apabila saya check di laman SPR, semua yang saya kenal tu, ada berdaftar di SPR sebagai pengundi POS (as expected).

Tapi bila saya tanya mereka (tentera) yang saya kenali itu, semuanya memberitahu saya yang mereka sama sekali tidak pernah mengundi sepanjang menjadi anggota tentera...

So, go figure...

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