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Feb 29, 2008

Haris Ibrahim at SS2 Petaling Jaya Ceramah


You can view and listen to the actual video of Haris Ibrahim speaking at the DAP ceramah at SS2 Petaling Jaya at Haris Ibrahim at SS2 Ceramah. If you just want to read, here is the rough transcript (may be very very slightly different Haris's actual speech):

Semua ada baik? (Is everybody OK?)

Response: "Baik!!!!" (OK or good)

Ah, ini satu orang cakap betul. (Ah, this one person says the truth). Semua cakap baik (everyone says good). Mana ada baik (how can it be good)? Mana ada baik? (how can it be good?)

Kita mahu cakap terus terang (We want to say it straight and clear). Boleh minta izin (May I ask for permission)? (Boleh cakap Bahasa Inggeris? (May I speak in English?). Thank you.

Dr Cheah said, vote DAP for them. Vote DAP for DAP. I say no. Vote DAP for us. The first speaker said, DAP, DAP, DAP. But I said Rakyat, Rakyat, Rakyat (people, people, people or public, public, public).

I think even in Kepala Batas (Constituency of caretaker Prime Minister in Penang), Pak Lah (Abdullah Badawi), can feel the earth shaking with people power. Makal Sakthi (People's Power).

My friend, until 2004, I refused to vote BN (Barisan Nasional or National Coalition). I alway voted DAP (Democratic Action Party). Why? Because Dr. Mahathir had this policy he called it "Look East Policy". We all remember or not? Look East Policy. What we didn't know was this, when we all were looking East, his hands were in the cash register.

So when Pak Lah (Abdullah Badawi) came along, look at his face, look so innocent, how not to trust? And then he came out with his beautiful one page Manifesto. More public space, more civil society space, greater transparency, no corruption, more civil society space, more space for youth.

My friends. I went through that document again today. He said he wants to give us his report card. But never mind. I give him his report card. FAILED.

I said today to Pak Lah: "ku tak percaya kamu lagi" (I don't believe you anymore).

It is hard. You know, I am a lawyer. I don't do badly. The tolls go up, I still can afford. No, that is the truth, that is the truth, right? Most of you here pro can afford, but there are lots of people who are being affected.

so you can give us that statistics, about how the economy, the GDP has gone up. But go to the ground. Go to the ground and ask how the average citizen, how he is managing his finances at home. People are struggling. But he doesn't know because he can go from time to time to his nasi kandar restaurant in Australia. Stay in his bungalow there. Go on his yatch. Dia tak tahu lagi. Right?

Now we got to start looking after ourselves. We got to start to believe that if we want to change things, we can. But we must believe. All right?

We must also tell the political parties that come to us asking for our votes. Remind them that rakyat are the boss. We are the boss. WE ARE THE BOSS. Kebetulannya, rakyat adalah Yang Berhormat (actually, the public are the Respected or Honorable). Ahli Parliament Yang Berkhidmat (Member of Parliament are the Servant.

Now when I voted for BN in 2004, I tell truth, my biggest hope was that Pak Lah will start to clean up the Judiciary. It is the most important institution of the rakyat. When everything fails, when the economy fails, when your Parliament is not working, if you have a Judiciary that is honest, that is clean, that abide by its oth of office, the rakyat are still safe. Our property is still safe. Our liberty is still safe. My friends, Dr. Cheah mentioned just now. 50 acts to amend the Constitution introducing 700 amendments. This is our document. They took an oath. Everytime a Member of Parliament enter the Parliament, he taked an oath of office. What does he say? I swear to defend, uphold and preservere the Constitution. BN has been dismentalling our document systematically. In the process, taken away our rights. In the process, taking away our Constitutional Institutions.

We have been sitting back and allowing this to go on for too long. Why? Jangan don't get involved. ISA (Internal Security Act which allows for detention without trial). This they hope we will continue to fear. And as long we fear, they will rule the day. There are enough of us. I can see it here today. I see on the blogs. I see it on the Internet. I see it when I go to the kampung (village), when I go to have chats and talks. People are fed-up. You cannot tipu (bluff) the rakyat (people or public) all the time lah Pak Lah (Abdullah Badawi)!

Now I keep getting ??????. (how much time do I have?) Saya selalu dapat email dari orang (I always get email from people). Contoh, dari Puchong (example, from Puchong). Haris, sekarang you suruh kita, you cadang kita mengundi untuk pembangkang (Haris, you now tell us, you propose we vote opposition). Tapi saya kawasan PAS (but my Constituent is Constiutent of PAS)! Saya banyak dapat email ini (I gets lots of such emails). Kawan-kawan, saya cakap terus terang (friends, I say it straight and clear). Kalau dua tahun dari sekarang, saya pun mungkin risau (Two years earlier, I also is probably worried). Tapi saya cakap sekarang hari ini (but I say it today). Saya lebih percaya PAS dari percaya UMNO (I have more faith in PAS than in UMNO). Saya cakap ini hari (I say it today). Ahli politic PAS lebih iklas dari UMNO (the PAS politicians are more sincere than the UMNO politicians). Kita jangan takut (we need not fear). Kita sudah dengar, PAS sekarang mahu bertanding 60 seats (we heard, PAS wants to contest for 60 seats). 60 Parlimentary seats. Now 60 Parliamentary seats, let's say they win all 60 seats. That means UMNO lost 60 seats already. Alright, PAS against UMNO. PAS by itself cannot form the government. Correct? And over the last 2 weeks, I don't know how many of you have heard of this document "Declarasi Rakyat" (People's Declaration). Dengar ah (did you hear)? Cantik punya dokument (beautiful document). I am very happy to say, DAP endorsed the document. PAS endorsed the document. PKR endorsed the document. PSM endorsed the document, MDP endorsed the document. Pasuk endorsed the document. Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, ini sekarang adalah Barisan harapan rakyat (ladies and gentlemen, this is now the Coalition of the People's Hope).

Saya cadangkan, kita jangan risau (I propose, we need not worry). Mungkin ada yang di sini yang bukan dari PJ Utara (maybe some of you here are not from PJ Utara). Kalau PJ Utara, cantik (if you are from PJ Utara, great). Siapa you punya calon (show is your candidate)? TONY PUA. Tony Pua. Professional, pakar ekonomiks. Saya tak mahu sentuh ekonomiks. Dia pakar. Saya tak mahu sebut (I don't want to mention it). Nanti dia cakap saya silap (afterwards, he may say I am wrong). Tadi Dr. Cheah sudah cakap, kita mahu orang professional, Orang pakar di Parliament (Just now, Dr. Cheah said we want professions, specialists in the Parliament). Kita harap, kalau kita pilih orang yang bertangung jawab, orang yang memahami bidang dia..... (we hope if we vote for responsible people, people who know their specialities......) , dan paling penting, memahami amanah rakyat (and most important, understand public's trust). Saya cukup yakin (I am confident enouth). calon DAP di PJ Utara mendekati dan dan memenuhi ????? yang saya sebut tadi (. Dia calon yang cukup sesuai. Dr. Cheah kata, deny the BN the two-third majority. But I believe in the power of positive thinking. We don't only hope to deny two-third. Kita minta, kita mahu menubuh kerajaan. Sebab rakyat sudah bosan dengan Barisan Neraka. Correct, correct, correct ah? Correct, correct, correct, betul, betul, betul, ....

saya sudah bosan. Dua minggu dalam Komission, saya sudah mahu bunuh diri. Tak boleh tahan.

My friends, yes, we stand here, we laugh. But we face a very serious situation in this country. It is our country. We must take our country back. Right? Now I heard also one speaker talked about 20% for the Chinese, and 9% for the Indians. I do not subscribe to this. For a long time, I do not believe that I am anything else other than anak bangsa Malaysia. Now I do not see Chinese or Indians because I see anak bangsa Malaysia. I believe that DAP and the other opposition parties, are non-race based, and this is the way the country needs to move forward.

Now I think it was late last year, November. Gerakan, during the assembly. suggested to Pak Lah. Maybe it is time for us to leave aside race based politics. What did Pak Lah says, the rakyat are not ready. He don't want us ever to be ready.

As long as they continue the race-based politics, they will continue to divide us. They will continue to divide us. They will continue to divide the economic pie. UMNO will say, this bahagian we want to give to our people. You don't ask us how we divide. OSA.

And we know it. It never reaches the poor. The portion of the pie that is cut for the Chinese, never reaches the poor. We need to now take this country back and make sure the needy anak-anak bangsa Malaysia in this country, are helped from now on. Correct.

Now I am confident, I am confident, that our friends in the DAP and other opposition parties, if given the mandate, will honor our expectations.

But the important thing to know is this. If we can put them in. We can take them out. Betul? Sebab rakyat kuasa. But I am very very confident. That our friends, who are now called the opposition, if they come to power, will honor their obligations with us. My friends, I understand there are also a few other speakers. And perhaps we should give them the opportunity. I thank you for listening.


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