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Feb 29, 2008

Rumble in Rembau

Malaysiakini report on Election 2008:

PKR alleges BN hooliganism in Rembau!

Aiyoh, Rembau kah?

PKR candidate in Rembau, Badrul Hisham Shaharin has accused BN of using ‘hooligan tactics’ in the fight (excuse the deliberate pun) to win the parliamentary seat. He claimed that PKR’s campaign posters were ripped off. Then in Rantau, BN supporters had aggressively stopped his supporters from putting up the party’s campaign posters.

Were there motorcycle sounds nearby? You know, those Rembau Rempits?

According to Badrul, his BN opponent, none other than AAB’s SIL, has been severely rattled by PKR’s posters and leaflets that exposed the ECM Libra-Avenue merger scandal involving SIL.

As Malaysiakini explained, the ECM Libra-Avenue merger had raised eyebrows when the deal was approved by AAB shortly after Khairy had bought a RM9.2 million worth of direct stake in ECM Libra. This led to wide criticisms of cronyism as AAB was overseeing government-linked companies (GLCs) in his capacity as finance minister.

The family that stays together ‘shares’ together – an Islam Hadhari dictum?


Anonymous said...

So going to Oxford isnt vety great after all......

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