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Feb 29, 2008

Wee - Whack the BN!


On Thursday night, lawyer Wee Choo Keong, who is competing in the upcoming general elections at Wangsa Maju, has called for the residents of the area to vote for a change, that is voting for Keadilan.

The crowd gathered at Section 1 of Wangsa Maju, adjacent to the LRT station and Jaya Jusco Alpha Angle in anticipation for the arrival of PKR's de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is on a one whole day working visit throughout various areas of Kuala Lumpur. Anwar arrived at the scene at 9.40 p.m, coming directly from another area. Supporters from the People's Front are also with him including the MDP members associated to Wee. The picture above is Anwar arriving at the scene in a limo.

Despite electricity blackout twice during the gathering, the proceedings went on with Anwar blasting the present BN government especially the sleepy head Abdullah Badawi for the nation's inefficiency. He has been repeating his points mentioned in the party's manifesto promising first of all, petrol price drop and meeting IGP Musa Hassan face to face if the Opposition front wins the election this round. He also blasted the Barisan Nasional for being arrogant and being daylight robbers of the public.

Anwar had to excuse himself as he had to rush to Setiawangsa, FT Minister Zulhasnan Rafique's territory for another 'ceramah'. Wee took the cue and told the public and those in present of the current problems. An appeal was also given to Wee from residents of Section 1. A problem that was addressed by Wee is that incumbent MP Yew Tiong Look only acted when election is around the corner and is deemed by the public as inefficient. He had repeated and calling for the change and teaching (read: whack) BN a terrible lesson coming March 8. The opposition's objective is clear: deny Barisan 2/3rds majority and they want to prove to the people that they can do better than BN. Other primary problems intended to be addressed by Wee include:

1. Improvement of the physical structure of buildings as it was torn and weary.
2. Better cleaniness
3. Improving traffic conditions
4. Better crime prevention

No sooner after 11.15 p.m, the are numerous people, some motorcycle riders are seen carrying the party flags along the main road of Jalan Genting Kelang. Also, a few trucks containing thousands of Barisan Nasional small-sized banners are seen parking at the shoulder of the road, ready to put the signs later on at this time of writing.

Also seen at the scene was satirist photographer TV Smith. You can look at his site in the later part of the day. All the pictures that are taken from here are taken by my own self.

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