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Feb 29, 2008

Malaysia's blogger-politician raises almost US$32,000 online

MyPaper_080227.jpgSINGAPORE: A Malaysian blogger-turned-opposition-politician launched an online fundraising campaign last week.
And within such a short time, blogger Jeff Ooi has almost reached his target of raising 100,000 ringgit (US$32,000).

At last count two days ago, this candidate from the opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) just needed another 5,000 ringgit to meet that target.

He said: "It's tremendous response from the local people, I think. Donations through cash as well as online transactions constitute some 85 percent of the total amount received. About 15 percent came through Paypal." The rest came in through a local bank account that he had set up.

But not all the identities of donors are known.

"I really do not know who they are. They are basically my readers. They are frequent commentators on my blog, but I have never met them in person," said Jeff.

But he does know of two anonymous big donors, whom he calls "crazy guys" – in jest, of course – on his blog. One of them has apparently sent Jeff an email, pledging 30,000 ringgit in three instalments.

Jeff said he has all his contact details, including his mobile phone number, on his blog. That is how his donors have been communicating with him.

As for the other big contributor, Jeff said they have made contact.

"I have spoken to him on the phone and he has intellectually challenged me on a few things. I didn't meet him because he chose to deposit the cheque with the party, not me," he added.

If this 52-year-old former business intelligence analyst wins his seat on 8 March, he could go down in history as the first Malaysian blogger to become a Member of Parliament.

Claiming to be the underdog in this election race, Jeff believes he stands a fair chance. He also said he is heartened by the positive response to his online fundraising campaign.

The money raised will go into running the party operations centre and polling machinery, among other things.

Jeff said he has already started to dispatch some of the money to his political colleagues who need financial help. - Channel NewsAsia


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