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Feb 29, 2008

To the People of Rembau


Samada sedar atau tidak, the fate of this proud nation is somewhat in your hands!
Untung nasib negara ada dalam tangan kamu!


Imagine the abuse of power, the biased decisions, the sucking up to foreign powers, the ridiculing of islam, etc that would be when THE son in law sits in a cabinet meeting and holding an important portfolio together with the father in law, the prime minister.

Imagine the power this man has and is capable of wielding. I'd like to allow my imagination run wild... forgive me, I may sound emotional and irrational, but I can feel it... it's like Sauron rising. We... the little people.. the hobbits.. must do something to stop this. We must save our middle earth!

Destroy the ring! WE CAN do it!


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