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Feb 14, 2008

How About 'Enough Of Khairy, Vote Umno Out'?

Enough Of PAS, Let's Vote For BN This Time - Khairy. How About 'Enough Of Khairy, Vote Umno Out'?

Barisan Nasional (BN) youth has urged Kelantan youths to reject Pas, the opposition party which has ruled the state for the past 18 years, and make changes by voting for BN in the upcoming general election.

Deputy BN youth chairman Khairy Jamaluddin said for the purpose, the movement had drawn up two massive campaigns to attract voters -- firstly, through the "pakat kelik ngundi" or "let's go back and vote" campaign to get Kelantan youths in other states to return and vote for BN.

Secondly, through the "pade doh" slogan -- a Kelantan Malay dialect meaning "that's about enough" -- to urge voters to reject Pas because 18 years of the party's rule in Kelantan is just about enough.

"There should be no doubt. Just vote for the BN. Let's make a change this time and see what we can do for Kelantan in five years, and then after that we compare records. There should be no more of the same people, same leaders and same Menteri Besar for the past 18 years.

"This is a massive wave coming to Kelantan in the near future. We are going to make 'pade doh' a slogan for BN youth in Kelantan. (Bernama)

***** Khairy Jamaluddin, God's gift to Malaysia has spoken and he wants PAS out. He has a good point though when he says "there should be no more of the same people, same leaders and same Menteri Besar". If we apply this guideline to Umno and the others in the BN I'm sure the country will do well in the future. Let's get rid off all the corrupt deadwood clinging on to power and hoping to be returned for another five years of amassing wealth.


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