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Feb 14, 2008

Mu Ghoyak Gapo?


He’s not too clever after all:

“We will also launch the `pakat kelik ngundi’ campaign to encourage 50,000 Kelantan youths living outside the state to return and vote for BN,” he told reporters here, adding that of the total, about 30,000 were in the Klang Valley.

Khairy said: “They are influential, highly knowledgeable and they will talk to their parents, relatives and other voters and if these youths want changes, I believe others will also want changes.”

He said analysis of data showed that BN’s victory in Kelantan would depend, among others, on outside voters returning to the state to vote. [Bernama]
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If they return for the elections, these youths are likelier to vote for PAS than for BN.

You know why?

The Kelantanese are a parochial lot, much more so than other Malays.

In Nik Aziz, they see a proud symbol of what it means to be Kelantanese, which is basically looking out for and taking care of your own, and giving the middle finger to outsiders who dare challenge your manhood.

For them, people like UMNO’s Annuar Musa, even though he’s Kelantanese, are nothing more than ball carriers and arse lickers.

And they don’t buy that development spiel because these people like their state just the way is, in the sense that I don’t need any o yo shit, I can take care of myself.

The Kelantanese, both migrant and homebound, usually vote for PAS simply because the Tok Guru is the party’s defacto Ayatollah and he’s sticking it up the non-Kelantanese-led UMNO.

But UMNO winning back Kelantan is not Mission Impossible.

The party could do it if there was a Kelantanese in a position of real influence and power in the party, like Tengku Razaleigh was long ago, or better still, if a Kelantanese was president.

That, however, would be the end of the world for you and I, unless you’re Kelantanese


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