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Feb 14, 2008

1...2...3... ACTION !!!



We want unity, not fight! We want to build a school, not a fake relationship!

Who is the one membangkitkan isu kaum? Who is the one wanna to lawan kaum lain sampai titik darah terarkhir? Who show the weapon to warn other races? You believe President UMNO Youth is a honesty man? Look at his face how garang he was, how dangerous he was! MCA President still giving him a hug and do nothing about the 'keris' issue, it how the President of Chinese Party protect and lead the Chinese communities. When Malays and Chinese got fight each others since long time ago? Who want to fight and what for? All of this just because UMNO and MCA show off how important their are and wanna to confuse people how great they are protecting their own race. But their forget the peacefulness among the people. Their are the one who destroy our unity, destroy our love among Malays, Chinese and Indian!


No2umnO - Yang tulisan bawah tu aku tak faham.


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