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Feb 14, 2008

(ex-)PM is a liar


We have a liar prime minister, or rather ‘had’. Abdullah Badawi confessed to the press at 12:00 noon today that he is a liar.

Yesterday he told to the press and the whole world that the Parliament won’t be dissolved today (13 Feb). This morning all the newspapers carried this announcement as the headline.

The PM (or technically, ex-PM, since the Parliament has been dissolved) might be thinking that he tricked the opposition. However Abdullah has totally lost the trust of the people. He proved to be another Machiavellian politicians who could do anything including lying to get power.

We now doubt the sincerity of all the “Angpow” announced in the last two weeks. If Dollah lied on the dissolution of the Parliament, by the same token, he could have lied about all the promises.

We won’t be surpirse, after the general election, Abdullah himself denounces his own promises.

In any case, we expect a dirty election. The EC, which is under the tumb of the ruling parties, will continue to use unclean electoral roll and other tactics to protect the BN from crumbling.

The fight is on!


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