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Feb 14, 2008


by P.Wayhthamoorthy.

I invite you to join my only 5 year daughter on Feb 16th who would brave the might of Police with their tear gas and chemical laced water cannons to prevent her and thousands against reaching Parliament House to deliver their messages of Peace and Justice.Many may wonder why Roses to a PM who doesn’t understand or pretend not to understand the plight of Malaysian Indians. Many emailed me seeking answers whether we have softened our demands.No. Under no circumstances would we soften our demand and approach. We have remained silent for far too long and if we don’t insist on our demands now then we never would in the future.Pre and post 25/11 has seen various baseless accusations against HINDRAF and its leaders.

Prior to that hundreds of our letters, appeals, memorandums ect to the PM had gone to deaf ears. When we “moved” the Indian community, suddenly the Government woke up not knowing how to tackle the problem of the new “Peaceful Indian uprising” against their might. They had all the while taken the Indian community for granted.

That the Indian community are a bunch that can be pleased with “sweeteners” especially during elections. They had taken for granted that there wouldn’t be credible and capable leaders who would genuinely fight for them and their cause. I can only thank the Indian community for having the confidence on HINDRAF.

The Government had to cover up their bungle for the mess they created on 25/11. Hence the accusations of racists, fundamentalists and terrorists. They wanted to create a situation where the Malays would hate HINDRAF and rally behind them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Government’s strategy to use HINDRAF and 25/11 to unite the already divided Malay community between them, Keadilan and PAS so that the Malays would rally their support behind UMNO. Fear of HINDU fundamentalism was created amongst Malays. It is sad that after 50 years the Government and UMNO still relies on race politics for their survival.So on Feb 16th we proceed with our Roses.

Valentine is associated with the Western Christian culture but accepted universally as a day to express LOVE. It is a time when the whole world seeks for ROSES to reach out their loved ones and send messages of Love.I don’t ask you to love the PM personally but I ask you to love the highest position entrusted upon him by the Yang Dipertuan Agong to lead the country. Most of us hated Mahathir for his 22 years “regime” but we hold no grudges against him today. Likewise would be no reason holding grudges against the PM.

Let us give him the RED & YELLOW ROSES to symbolize/ remind him and assert that we are a peace loving community who come to him in all sincerity with our 18 demands that were submitted in July 2007 (Red Roses) and that we demand Justice for the 5 detained leaders (Yellow Roses). There are many ways of expressing quest and thirst for our basic fundamental rights and ROSES are a special way to convey those messages from a community who have been oppressed suppressed and marginalized for 50 years.The whole world saw what happened on 25/11. Let the world again see and appreciate the peaceful struggle of these permanently colonized community. Believe me many in the western country are waiting anxiously to observe the Governments’ reaction on 16/02.I have known and read many regimes brought down by Power of Roses.

But of course it was a failure at Tianaman Square China. I remember how the soldiers shot down innocent people with ROSES who championed and peacefully sought their rights. And so I can never promise you that all will be well on 16/02. Let us all Pray that our leaders would have the wisdom and courage to accept that after 50 years the Indian Community are prepared to “rise” for their rights because MALAYSIA HAS ALWAYS BEEN THEIR MOTHERLAND. By accepting those Roses the PM would prove to the entire country that he is a listening “father” of the nation.I seek forgiveness of the Almighty for placing my only 5-year daughter on the forefront to face the possibility of the first round of tear gas and chemical laced water. Like any other child Vwaishhnnavi is a symbol of LOVE & AFFECTION. She is my only worldly treasure. I neither posses not property nor wealth. And I dedicate my only “treasure” for the cause of this suppressed community. I embrace the brave mother of this child for her determination, courage and commitment shown towards the struggle.

Vwaishhnnavi and many others of her age would brave the message of purity, truth, sincerity, and unselfishness for the sake of the future Indian generation.May I invite all Malaysians irrespective of colour and creed to join us in this symbolic gesture to seek Justice for a marginalized community neglected, unattended forgotten for 50 years. Let us all declare Friday the 15th Feb a National Prayer Day for the Almighty to grand wisdom to leaders of our country to allow our future generation to express their message of Peace & Justice.Let us all pray that the Prime Minister who claims that he has big ears to listen to grouses of all communities allow this child any many others including us to whisper the message of LOVE AND JUSTICE through the ROSES.

P.Waytha Moorthy
Currently in London


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