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Feb 14, 2008

'Does the PM think we're dumb fools?'

Malaysiakini - He will regret and pay for this lie about dissolving Parliament. He could have easily said, ‘I will think about it when the right time comes’ or even as simple ‘No comment’.

On PM dissolves Parliament

Sheikh Rizal Housein: Is the PM taking Malaysians for a ride? Does he think we Malaysians are real dumb? The whole world knew he was going to dissolve the Parliament yesterday. However, on Feb 12, when the media interviewed him, he dismissed it and even had the nerve to say that Parliament won’t be dissolved the next day.

Even the Press headlines said Parliament wouldn’t be dissolved on Feb 13. And then, yesterday, Feb 13, he dissolved Parliament. What does he think we Malaysians are, dumb fools? Well, the joke is on him. He will regret and pay for this lie.

He could had easily said, ‘I will think about it when the right time comes’ or even as simple ‘No comment’. Now, in the eyes of all Malaysians, the PM is the biggest liar in Malaysia.

Charity Lee: Day before yesterday, the PM said Parliament wouldn't be dissolved yesterday (the date of his favourite/lucky number, 13). But yesterday, he said Parliament is dissolved. Didn't Pak Lah just lie to our faces?

Of course he knew when it would be dissolved. And of course he knew the King wouldn't object to it. It's exactly this kind of duplicity that makes it hard for anyone to trust the PM regardless of what he may be saying or whether his intentions are good or bad.

Time and time again Malaysians have been let down by his insincere, shoot-himself-in-the-foot statements. At least he's consistent in that!

Raj: In less than 24 hours, the premier went back on his word on dissolving the Malaysian parliament. We Malaysians do not have any issues on his prerogative to decide. However, what matters most to us are his words. For a man of his stature, we expect a little honesty when he speaks out. But sad to say he never seems to realise that every word he speaks would reach 27 million people out there who eventually will find out that the PM lying.

Personally, and I am sure most fellow Malaysians also would agree with me, this portrays him as a man who never keeps his promise. He need not have lied. How to trust a leader who says one thing one day but makes a hundred and eighty degree turn in less than 24 hours? How to trust him with the future of Malaysians? Pak Lah, please tell me as Malaysian why should I trust you and vote for you? I deserve an honest reply from you.

Ludricrous: Our infamous and sleepy Abdullah probably had to be ‘told’ by son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin (considered as the most powerful man in Malaysia) and Altantunya Najib that he is supposed to announce the dissolution of parliament yesterday. Abdullah just didn't know he had to do it and now comes up with lame excuses for looking as lost as he really is.

If this is not the case, then why didn't Abdullah simply tell the media on Feb 12 that he will make an announcement the next day (yesterday) rather than make an about turn?

YSM: Five possible reasons for the prime minister’s flip-flop statement on the dissolution of Parliament:

  1. He is a liar and makes empty promises
  2. He is unsure of his plans from day-to-day and makes decisions as and when
  3. He was misquoted by the media that is owned by the BN
  4. He received sudden inspiration on the night of Feb 12.
  5. He received urgent news during the cabinet session which made him change his mind.

Who knows? We will never know the reasons behind all the flip flops, u-turns and knots which our dear prime minister loves making.

Mooshie Mooshie: Are we that dumb or are we that plain forgetful? Forget about the politics.Why must he lie to us again? Just say from the heart that election is near, no need to bluff us - we are grown women and men. Not dummies. We are to vote only, not play poker.

You think we can so easily forget about your last bluff? Remember, you said you don't know that your son Kamaluddin (or what ever his name is) on the issue that his proxy companies were given all the big, big big petroleum contracts. Remember you said you ‘don't know’ and you need to find out? That’s lame man!

And the other bluff about the yacht? Remember? Ok, even if assuming we were born yesterday, we would still remember you know. Why must bluff about parliament dissolving?.Election only what? How to vote for you when you always tell people lies?


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