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Mar 15, 2008

Did you see God's invisble hands in the General Elections? I did.


Friends, the so-called pundits and political analysts from within and without the country, most of whom confined to the comforts of their air-con chambers, with piles of books stacked on their shelves, were confidently predicting that the mighty Barisan Nasional would easily emerge with a two-thirds majority in Parliament. Some even went so far as to predict a BN victory in Kelantan.

They thought BN's 3Ms - media, machinery and money, were insurmountable since the Opposition was fractured. And yet we won. How? Why?

This victory is not due to Anwar Ibrahim alone, or the cooperations of Barisan Rakyat, or bloggers.

Our enemies too contributed towards our victory. They delivered this victory on a silver platter - Hishammuddin's Keris, Zam's blabbering, Mahathir's sulking, Nazri's histrionics, Khairy's arrogance, Abdullah's broken promises, lies, private jet, Michelle's Yeoh's shoulders, C4 blasted Altantuya, Attorney General, Election Commission, BERSIH, Hindraf, Lingam Tape, MBs call for zero Opposition, temple demolition, body snatching, Bible confiscation, banning the use of 'Allah' and corruption in high places, Zakaria's palace. I can go on and on.

Why didn't the media seek the views and predictions of those unqualified pundits perched on stools at the roadside warongs with a cigarette in one hand and black coffee in the other? Yes, they knew better than University Professors!

I met a few of them who even predicted a BR victory if it could bag half the seats in East Malaysia.

Every single "soothsayer cum professor" fell flat on his face while the warong pundits puffed away with protruding chests, with a "Didn't I tell you so?" look.

BN leaders had completely lost touch with the pulse of the nation. They were living in another dimension and overly confident that the gullible voters will absorb lock, stock and barrel, dished out from them as being Gospel Truth.

They were positive Anwar Ibrahim would meet his waterloo and go into political oblivion when the votes were counted.

But now the PM, his henchmen, advisers, hangers-on, 4th floor boys and his cronies are running hither and thither like headless chickens, not knowing what hit them. One of them even died of a heart attack when the results were announced.

Now, readers, please tell me, what are the chances of the combination and convergence of all these factors just on the eve of March 8 2008 - a date presumably picked by a Feng Sui master. (He has probably gone into hiding or fled the country.

God loves Malaysia. Believe me, he does. The hands of God were there on that much dreaded 8 of March 2008, which will go into the future as the most significant date in the nation's history.

The Almighty guided the hands of the voters to place that blessed 'X' on their ballot papers.

This country is so blessed with plenteous natural resources. God has protected it from earth quakes, typhoons, lava from volcanoes and hurricanes. He put different races, all with the same red blood running in their veins, in this country to live as one family.

He had preserved this nation thus far and He is not going to allow some greedy, rapacious politicians from raping and plundering this country's wealth. When the evil is vanquished, what remains is peace and prosperity for the nation.

It was He who brought about the combination and convergence of all these forces and issues to give us this victory over mighty Goliath, the Barisan Nasional.

He wanted to save the country. Then why were the non-Muslims and Christians voting for PAS and Malays, the DAP? It was God's prompting.

Prayers went up to the heavens from the mosques, churches and temples. We called on Him and He answered us. HE GAVE US THIS VICTORY!!!

Didn't you all feel the holy vibrations sweeping through the country and urging the people to vote for truth, freedom, justice, integrity, honesty, unity and righteousness.

Now it is for us to safeguard this precious gift of God. Cling onto it, preserve it, embrace it, treasure it and we will prevail. A time will come when there will be no more Malays, Indians or Chinese, or Khadazans or Ibans in this country. We will only have Malaysians - all children of the same God.

But be warned!! If the BR leaders allow this victory to go to their heads, they too will meet the same fate.

God has done His part. Let's do ours.

So let us give HIM the glory He deserves. Bahais, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Taoists, Sikhs, and Zoroastrians. We are all one family. Amen.

Allow me close with a nursery rhyme ;
UMNO Dumpty sat of the wall,
UMNO Dumpty had a great fall,
All BN forces and all the Feng Sui Masters could not put it together again.

(NOTE: You may replace UMNO with MCA or MIC)


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