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Mar 15, 2008



That's the issue expected. Anyway, I believe Malays are more educated except those from the top of UMNO, them and we all understand that today outcome are all mainly cause by BN esp UMNO. With the implementation of DEB, non political Malay or those at the lower level doesn't really benefit.

The ministers and their clonies are the one who really enjoy it, such as opportunities in buisness, unknown income, post, etc. Open your eye and see, which one never turn rich after 2 round of victory ? For example, Tun M, and his son, is he so smart and capable to do buisness and expand it his own effort? Other minister, look around them, see when and how they start their move, are they so good and lucky to be so special, or the power behind it ?

When they lost and people wanted to check and review all the expences on projects 20 years back , these busted start worry, even die or missing, and now create issue and hope for something bad by sacrifying the Malays and others. Now we hope the new leaders trace and lay out the details on how this " pembelot bangsa /bangsat suck our country wealth for the pass 20 years. We also hope the police PDRM stay neutral and not being influence by those idiot such as khairi, ex penang deputy cm..Pray to god, punish these fanantic ass and their family which were brought up by their sinful money, power and act. Hidup Melayu, Hidup India, Hidup Cina, Hidup Iban, Hidup Kadazan.....etc, Hidup Malaysia.


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