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Mar 15, 2008


Penang Mamak Fights For NEP, Lodges Police Report Against Guan Eng


A lawyer lodged a police report against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng over his statement that he would run the state administration free of the New Economic Policy (NEP).

Abu Backer Sidek Mohamad Zan, 40, lodged the report at the Jalan Patani police station.

He told reporters that in his statement he had asked the police to investigate Lim under the Sedition Act and to take action against Lim if he continued to make seditious and racist statements.

“I believe that the statement is seditious, racist, irresponsible and may endanger public peace and national security,” he said. (The Star)

***** First of all how does the NEP affect this person with an obviously Mamak name? Either he has been masquerading as a Malay and enjoying privileges under the NEP that he is not entitled to, wants to show that he is more Malay than 'real' Malays for future personal gains or he is a proxy for more sinister forces. Or perhaps he's a lawyer with a conscience!


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