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Mar 15, 2008

Double Standards - Azhar Ibrahim - Penang Komtar Protests


I'm pretty peeved right now. Just as it seems BN have decided to bite their lip and show a responsible image of smooth and orderly transition, they have entered into gutter politics.

First is the current genius that is Azhar Ibrahim. This head of UMNO right now, in the past being dwarfed by the people of Gerakan and MCA can now flex its muscles as the sole BN representative in this state right now. So what does he do? He twists logic so that he can threaten and punish the rakyat without actually seeming to do so. He has urged the PM to pull back all megaprojects of Penang BECAUSE the election results have shown that Penang don't want these projects. He must have a great analysis team that before BN has come out with a thorough post-mortem, he has had such a deep insight into what the rakyat of Penang has voiced in their ballot boxes. It goes as such

"IF BN is kicked out of government, THEN it means people of Penang don't want megaprojects"

He of course conveniently ignores that the Barisan Rakyat campaigned on cleaning up government. On taking out the 40 years of corruption, crime, prices, and
cronyism, as well as supporting economic development. So the people have voted out BN because of their perceived inability to offer a solution to these problems while being assured that such development would still go on if it is best for the rakyat. But Azhar, being the loser as he is, can and will twist whatever he reason he can think of to the statement "We lost because Penang..." and the statement would be treated as valid without any proof. He is so IRRESPONSIBLE with his words yet in the spirit of fatherly advice that Pak Lah has so benevolently imparted to the Opposition, to be cautious in the words they use, have not even once chastised Azhar's for his brash and crass tactics. What double standards.

Azhar is a dirty person who plays gutter politics. Now that Gerakan and MCA is out of the picture, he is free to flex his muscle as BN leader of Penang and gain as much exposure as possible. It is funny that these UMNO Malays would take to the streets and SUPPORT Azhar's fight to STOP these projects while ACCUSING the Guan Eng and his men of MARGINALIZING them. If they succeed, didn't they in effect marginalized themselves?


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