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Mar 15, 2008


Raja Petra must learn how to get facts right

Raja Petra made scathing remarks on me in Malaysia-Today.

Although I am in the rush to go to Penang now, I have to respond immediately.
Firstly, I did not organize any demonstration to pressurize the DAP into making me the Deputy Menteri Besar of Selangor. I do not know how did Raja Petra gather the information that I had done that. If he likes rumours and then to rumour, then that is what he is worth.

There were some gatherings organized by voters and local leaders in Klang to express their views and support for me. They have their democratic right to do so but I have nothing to do with those activities.
Of course, someone will say, "surely you must be the mastermind". Well, can someone teach me how to prove that I have nothing to do with those activities? I really do not know how.

Secondly, I did not boycott when HRH Sultan granted audience to the DAP respresentatives recently. I was not directed by the party to seek audience with the Sultan. How could I boycott when I was even not directed to be present?

I was also not invited to attend the swearing in of the new Menteri Besar recently. There was nothing I could boycott when I was not even invited. Doesn't Raja Petra know the basic palace protocol that one will not attend any function in palace if not invited.?

Anyway, I agree, and perhaps I am the only one in the DAP who noticed that the DAP stateassemblywoman was not in compliance with the palace protocol by wearing pants in seeking audience. If she had cunsulted me beforehand, I would have had advised her accordingly.

Thirdly, the issue of non Malays wearing songkok is a separate issue that has nothing to do in the present forming of the new government. The delay, if any, in forming the new Selangor state government has nothing to do at all with the issue of Songkok. It has been a party policy and needs to be deliberated in view of the new development. In any event, it will not be an issue that deters the swearing in of the new line-up. I will further discuss the issue when I come back from Penang on Monday. We, in the DAP, know the larger picture that emerges.

Meanwhile, Raja Petra and the readers of Malaysia-today should also learn to be patient to find out the truth before jumping up and down on rumuors. Yes, they also have to learn before teaching others.


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