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Mar 15, 2008

Some people just never learn!!!


After reading and following up after General election, i found out that, somebody just never learn from the past mistakes. UMNO is still using Mainstream Media (MSM) to spin heavily on the issues like DEB/ NEP (New Economic Policy), as if NEP is the savior of Malays. I am deeply disgusted with that motion. I would tell them now, if you dare, please open up the space in MSM for people to freely discuss or debate on issues of NEP , whether it is still relevant nowadays.

The same old BN still emerge after the election, first UMNO pits PKR and PAS as the traitor to Malays, pact with DAP for 'sacrificing' or 'selling' Malays' rights to Chinese/ non-Malays. On the other hand, MCA (from Johor) and Lim Geng Yeik ( ex-Gerakan President) were speaking to press that voting for DAP results in forming a PAS-led government in Perak. This is an obvious attempt to capitalize on the religious or racial issue to incite PAS-phobia among Chinese voters especially, to make those who had voted for DAP recently regret of their action.

You see, no joking, after election, they are still playing racial and religious card!!! This is the same old BN that we shall despise and demise! I'm sick of hearing their rhetorics. Even though this is the case, i am still afraid that my dear Malaysians will fall back to the same old tune of BN, start to believe in their propaganda (after heavily spin), that is so harmful for our harmony and cohesive multiethnics society.

The Penang state Opposition leader from Umno, Datuk Azhar Ibrahim is such a loser, whohad called for the funding allocated to the public infrastructure projects in Penang state to be withdrawn by the Federal Government. If this is not the call for political 'revenge', i don't know what... he sounds like the money of Federal Government is owned by UMNO, and dispense at their preference. Hey loser, People from Penang pay taxes also, hello? That is people's money to be used to invest, not belong to UMNO or the Ruling coalition! How come they don't understand?

I'm glad that the transition of Power to new government coalition in the 5 states is finally resolved. No more buying state assemblyman to crossover the other party ( clearly BN is still practising Money politics, that is why they deserve to lose... they still can't understand Money can't buy everything as they like). More patience shall be given to the (federal-) opposition camp to sort out their administration technical issues, before they could focus on carrying out their duty to serve the people and fulfill their election pledges. Listen to MSM spins again -- they are trying to portrait how poor and loosely-cooperated is the opposition coalition, and hence to undermine or doubt the ability of the coalition to govern. Yet another attempt to destroy the image of (federal-)opposition coalition before the new government is put in place. Haih... MSM , please be professional in reporting, ok? Just let the opposition to sort it out, and deliver it. I am sure they make better state government than previous BN government.

I hope Lim Kit Siang and some fellows in DAP could be more tolerance and show more understanding to their partner PAS. I don't know what is a fuss to be PAS-phobia into year 2008 now. Evolve, and move on!!! Don't fall in BN's tricks. We will defend you if they are defaming you on the issues of the working relationship with PAS. I hope opposition leaders could adapt themselves into the new position, and prevent themselves from making unwise statement for MSM to gain 'free' materials to attack opposition. Opposition must be united behind the Barisan Rakyat ( the contract is The Declaration of People). We are the boss who orders you to do so, for the sake of the future of Malaysia!


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