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Apr 3, 2008

police gonna put penang’s CM in jail?

first of all know ye, the police is under the federal government, which means under umno.

ok what got into me to put up such a drastic heading, apart from trying to attract traffic… haha… is because of 2 news i read in sun2surf on tuesday and yesterday. (the other alternative heading could be ‘lim guan eng - first CM in malaysia to be imprisoned’ ok ok not that bad so, ‘lim guan eng - first CM to be called up by police for investigation’. come to think of it the latter will happen for sure.)

tuesday, 1 april, sun2surf - guan eng prepared to face any action against him on NEP statement..

well, the ‘any action’ could be a jail sentence! so the heading is not drastic after all eh! in fact this news article really infuriated and incensed me a lot!!

Lim was responding to questions on police’s investigations into his statement on the NEP and Open Tender policy which he gave on the first day he took office as Chief Minister on March 11.

He added that if it is unlawful for him to say NEP breeds corruption, cronyism and systemic inefficiency, then he is not the only one who should be imprisoned. "They will have to arrest the ‘whole Malaysia’," he said.
see? there’s the word ‘imprisoned’ - i am logical after all and ain’t trying to attract traffic. (ahem!).

oh yeah, police under umno federal government, come arrest me too. come arrest my blogger friends too. come arrest my visitors/commenters too - they all had been saying loudly NEP breed corruption and cronism.
It is learnt that a police report has been lodged against Lim for allegedly uttering seditious words in making a statement on the NEP on March 11. The police is investigating the case under Section 4 1(b) of the Sedition Act 1948 for uttering seditious words.

The section provides for a fine of not more than RM5,000 or imprisonment of not more than three years or both upon conviction for first offenders and for subsequent offences, it provides for a jail term of not more than five years.
horrors! perhaps the police would put him behind bars for 5 years! then habislah… poo chik!... his term as CM. more...


Anonymous said...

takutnya.....wow!now i'm afraid to comment,

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