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May 26, 2008

ACA finally interviewed me

teresakok - Last Thursday, a few ACA officers from Putrajaya took my statement in Parliament lounge after the day’s sitting sitting ended over the issue of BN giving away RM200 to Kelantanese voters to go back to cast vote. Please refer to this and this.

I was a bit surprised with these officers as they have not read about this write up in my blog at all until I showed them my blog and all the photos that I have taken on that day. They then wrote the statement from the content of my blog, so save their time and troubles.

In the process, I talked politics with them, meaning I hantam BN lah. I told them the fact that the PM announced ACA will be made an independent body like ICAC in Hong Kong is because of the elections result of March 8. This shows people’s power works in the end. ... selanjutnya.


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