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May 26, 2008

Comment on 'Bodohnya kita'

commented by CitizenBodohland

"In a letter dated 21 September 1953, the Acting State Secretary of Johor replied that the “Johore Government [did] not claim ownership” of the island."

Our CJ (if he is there) and AG (if he is not busy attending the Hindraf trial or other petty domestic issues), should have gone to length to study the legality of the letter ie; Is the "Acting State Secretary" really representing the Sultan of Johore? Sovereignty only recognize signatures from the Sultan (King), not from a mere "Acting" Executive.

"..the absence of reaction from Malaysia to the flying of the Singapore ensign on the island, the installation by Singapore of military communications equipment on the island in 1977, and the proposed reclamation plans by Singapore to extend the island, as well as a few specific publications and maps"

Now we know the government has actually been asleep since 1977. 50 years of BN rule... going down the drain... Now the Rakyat know why "Everyone Can Fly into Bodohland" and built squatters and eventually become citizen which land title.

... selanjutnya.


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