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May 26, 2008

SPM top scorers complain to MPs

sun2surf - Four students from Selangor and Johor, who scored 11 or 12 As in the SPM, today brought their grouse to Parliament about not getting the Public Service Department (PSD) scholarship, joining an annual list who bring up the same complaint.

The students were accompanied by Pulau Jerejak assemblyman Sim Tze Tzin to Parliament and were received by Yusmadi Yusof (PKR-Balik Pulau).

They were Chew Kin Cheng, who got eight A1s and four A2s; Tan Kian Hin with nine A1s and two A2s; Tiow Zyn Ann with eight A1s and three A2s; and Lim Soon Seng with 10 A1s and two A2s.

In a press conference in Parliament lobby, Yusmadi said: "Our brightest students often do not get the opportunity to go for higher education to bring out the best in them. Eventually we would only encourage mediocrity and our nation would lose competitiveness in the process."

Yusmadi added that there was a rot in the selection system as no one seemed to know the details of the selection.

"The selection has failed us year after year. Often, the officials explained the system in general terms. However, we demand to know more. It should be transparent and fair," he said, adding that the social background of an applicant should also be taken into account as those in need should be given the priority.... selanjutnya.


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